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4 advantages of Xiezhong Professional product supply Provide you with a full range of industry solutions
Brand strength

34 years focus on R & D and design of various band sawing machines

With many years of industry experience and professional technical team, we have rich experience in solving various problems calmly

After years of research and development, it has dozens of patents, and has established a leading position in the global industry

Deep root band sawing machine professional field, firmly occupying the high-end market and leading position of machine tool industry

Brand strength
Excellent quality
Excellent quality

Precision work, strict quality inspection and high quality

Saw machine has a wide range of types, stable product performance, high efficiency, excellent quality and technology leading the industry

The professional technical team of band saw has accumulated production technology for many years, and has hundreds of production core backbones to create excellent product quality

After CE, UL, ISO, CSA international authority inspection and certification, the product quality indicators have reached the international advanced level

Brand direct selling

Complete variety, sufficient inventory, favorable price and accurate delivery date

Xiezhong machine tool is the authorized South China general agent of Weiquan sawing machine in Taiwan. It is responsible for the sales and service of all kinds of sawing machines in South China.

According to the requirements of customers for the workpiece, we can recommend the most suitable band saw machine for processing the workpiece for customers, and carry out engineering design and installation according to the characteristics of the customer's production line.

The company has complete product series and rich varieties, which can meet the different needs of different industries.

Brand direct selling
Customers first
Customers first

7 * 24-hour full-time service, reassuring and reassuring

Pre sales, in sales, after-sales, special personnel tracking, 7 * 24 hours for you

Free delivery, installation and debugging, technical training, one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance

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South China sales center of Taiwan efficient band sawing machine manufacturer
Taiwan Weiquan Machinery has been developing and producing various types of band sawing machines for more than 40 years. The technology has grown synchronously with Europe and the United States. The experienced Weiquan Machinery specializes in the production of band sawing machines. Sawing machine, with leading technology, innovative design and ...

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