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How to promote the working efficiency of sawing machine

Published:2020-03-21 15:32:04CTR:

Regarding how to promote the working efficiency of the sawing machine, the band sawing machine manufacturer specifically introduces to us a few tips to promote the working efficiency of the sawing machine, and hopes to bring help to your operation.

1. First choose a high-quality sawing machine. The machine tool rigidity and operating function that are overstepped can prevent the tremendous impact of vibration and various stresses on the band saw blade. The operator should know the various functions of the system of the band saw specifically, adjust various parameters, and be able to practice skillfully, as long as it is so capable to ensure the service life of the band saw blade and the forward operation efficiency. According to the cut data, select the appropriate saw blade width, tooth shape and tooth data.

2. Accurate use of the cutting parameters of the sawing machine. The period mainly includes the linear speed of the saw band, the feed amount, and the tension of the saw band. It is necessary for the operator of the sawing machine to know how to cut into tight rolls, silver and have a warm feel. Accurate use of cutting fluid can smooth and cool the band saw blade, and can clean off the additions on the saw bed in time.

3. Accurate running-in of new band saw blades, the running-in of new saw blades is very important, so it can extend the service life of band saw blades. The effect of running-in is to bring the band saw blade into normal cutting conditions. Preventing premature wear and tear of the band saw blade teeth.



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