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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of sawing machine

Published:2017-07-31 16:48:24CTR:

Some common faults will occur during the daily use of the sawing machine. The user of the sawing machine may wish to master some common faults that may occur and how to eliminate them, so that they have a deeper understanding of the use of the sawing machine and can win more time for production processing To create more benefits for the enterprise. The following are common faults and troubleshooting methods for sawing machines:


1. The band saw blade falls: The reason may be that the saw band is too loose, or the main and driven wheels are not parallel. Remedy: adjust the tensioning device of the saw band to maintain the proper tension of the saw band; adjust the three sets of adjustment screws behind the driven wheel to make the main and driven wheels parallel to ensure that the saw blade is in the proper position.

2. Abnormal noise of the worm gear box: The reason may be that the axial barrier of the worm gear is too large or the bearings of the two teams are too worn. Remedy: adjust the axial clearance of the worm gear or replace the bearing.

3. The saw frame of the sawing machine does not rise: it is necessary to check whether the oil pressure reaches the rated pressure, whether the ascending solenoid valve works, whether the upper limit travel switch is reset, and whether the oil path is filled with air or blocked. Remedy: oil pressure, adjust the relief valve to reach the specified pressure; check whether the circuit and oil circuit are smooth; check the upper limit travel switch; clean or replace the oil filter and solenoid valve.

Fourth, the saw band does not drop: the adjustment valve needs to be blocked; the drop solenoid valve may not work; check whether the lower limit travel switch is reset; check whether the back pressure is adjusted too large. Remedy: Check and clean the governor valve; check whether the circuit and oil circuit are connected; check the upper limit travel switch; adjust the back pressure to reach the specified value.

5. When the sawing machine is cutting, the saw frame is severely vibrated or abnormally loud: the gap between the column and the sliding sleeve may be too large; or the choice of cutting material and speed is wrong; or the gap between the saw band and the upper guide block is too large. Remedy: replace the copper sleeve; re-select the blade speed; adjust the guide block.

Sixth, the workpiece is seriously skewed: the main reason is excessive feed; the saw tooth is blunt or the amount of tooth separation is asymmetric; the distance between the two guide arms is too large; whether the saw band has been tightened; whether the two guide blocks have been tightened; The work surface, fixed vise and saw band are not perpendicular. Remedy: make the feed amount appropriate; replace the band saw blade; make the distance between the two guide arms consistent with the workpiece; keep the saw band at proper tension; tighten the two guide blocks; adjust the guide arm to be perpendicular to the fixed vise and the table surface.


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