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Analysis on the mechanical structure of sawing machine

Published:2020-03-21 15:28:41CTR:

The main components of the sawing machine are the bottom seat; the bed, the column; the saw beam and the transmission organization; the guide equipment; the workpiece clamping; the tensioning equipment; the feeding frame; the hydraulic transmission system; the electrical control system; the smoothing and cooling system; Let's go through the mechanical structure of the sawing machine, mainly including the following points:

1. Base

The base is a box structure made of welded steel plates. The bed and uprights are fixed to it. The inner cavity of the base has a large space. The front left side is the electrical button control box, and the right side is the electrical distribution board box. The center is welded by steel plates. The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic pipeline. The right side is a cooling cutting fluid tank and a water pump. There are anchor bolt holes at the bottom four corners.

2. Bed

The bed of the sawing machine is made of cast iron and fixed on the base. The column is composed of a large and small cylinder. The large circular column is used as a guide rail for the saw frame to support the up and down movement of the saw beam and ensure accurate guidance. The small column plays an auxiliary effect. Then ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade. The center is a clamping vise and manual feeding organization. The work table in front of the vice is connected to the product receiving part. The clamping device on the left is the clamping screw through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod. Turn the handwheel or press the button To move the left jaw left and right.

3. Saw beam and transmission organization

It is formed by thick steel plate cutting and welding, with strong rigidity. A worm gear box is fixed on the right rear side. The worm gear in the box is fixedly connected to the automatic wheel on the saw beam. Saw blade tension position. The reverse movement of the saw blade is driven by the main motor, belt pulley and worm gear through two-stage speed change to be transmitted to the automatic wheel, and then the automatic wheel and the saw blade drive the forced wheel to complete.









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