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How can a band saw blade extend its life

Published:2020-03-21 15:31:02CTR:

The domestic companies of Sawing Machine Jinlaizheng pay attention to the question of work efficiency, so all of them choose the band sawing machine. But how can we save the band saw blade and let the band saw blade truly show its service life? It should have nothing more than the following factors:

1. Start with cooling water. It is impossible to have water, and I also need to add satisfying emulsified oil. Generally, a 1:10 contrast is required to be sticky by hand.

Second, the tension of the band saw blade. If the band saw blade is pulled too loose, the material from the saw is not straight. If the band saw blade is pulled too tight, it is very simple to break. Therefore, it is better to buy a saw machine if the manufacturer has a torque wrench.

3. The lower blade speed of the band sawing machine is the most direct link to the service life of the band saw blade. If the lower blade speed is too fast, the band saw blade is easy to pull teeth, and it is recommended to slow down as much as possible. I would rather buy more band saw machines. The saved band saw blade money is enough to buy a few band saw machines.

4. Questions about tooth selection. After some manufacturers bought the saw blade, no matter what information they saw, they used a kind of tooth shape. The result was that when the saw did not come down, the teeth were completely pulled out. It was originally formed by improper tooth selection. Generally speaking,

Use 3/4 teeth for round steel up to 200 saws, 2/3 for saws over 200, 4/6 teeth for thin-walled pipes, and 3/4 hooks for slotted steels. Differentiate, the saw blade will not form unnecessary. c



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