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Name:Electronic tool feeder, milling machine power feeder (tool feeder)
Category:Milling machine accessories
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Time:2020-03-23 08:50:36
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Product Name: Milling Machine Power Feeder (Cutter)
Product model: SBS-235
Origin: Baoji
Detailed description:
    It is installed on the machine tool to provide stable power to the machine tool and greatly improve work efficiency.
Features and parameters:

   1. Small size. Easy to install;

   2. Only turn the knob to get a smooth stepless speed change

   3. The current protection device with simple operation, the feeder can resume working with a light press;

   4. Large output torque and low noise.

   5. Power supply: AC110V 50 / 60HZ

   6. Speed range: 0-140rpm

   7. Maximum speed: 160rpm

   8. Output button moment: 15.5N.M

   9. Overall dimensions: 290 * 100 * 270mm

   10. Weight: 6 kg

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