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Name:High-speed metal circular sawing machine vertical sawing machine metal circular sawing machine Guangdong Xiezhong factory direct sales
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 Guangdong Xiezhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that integrates design, production, sales and service. It has independent intellectual property rights of products and general distribution of multiple brands in Guangdong. The company's marketing center is located at No. 95 Guanzhang Road, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City. Adhering to Taiwan's high-standard product development concept, strictly in accordance with precision-grade manufacturing and processing technology, high-end brand planning and management operation mode, perfect team building system and talent recruitment standards, the products are developed and designed by Taiwan's senior team, cutting-edge processing equipment Technology and means, the company's main sales are Taiwan's Fengbao milling machine, Weiquan band sawing machine, Fu Kexing grinding machine, Datong grinding machine, Tai Li Fu radial drilling machine, Sanguang brand "low speed wire EDM CNC wire cutting machine, Taizhou Sifang wire Cutting, Shenyang CNC lathe, Southern lathe and so on.

The CNC metal high-speed circular saw machine newly introduced by Guangdong Xiezhong has the following eight functions:

1. Accurate and stable

The saw blade cutting feed system uses a servo motor and cooperates with the ball screw drive to ensure the constant speed of the saw blade movement and increase the accuracy and stability of the cutting.

2. Servo feeding

The servo-controlled feeding system can meet the requirements of high-speed material transmission and high-precision positioning, to meet the requirements of cutting dimensional accuracy, and to achieve the minimum material loss rate of processed materials.

3. Automatic feeding

The automatic product sorting design can separate the remaining material from the finished product, and then cooperate with the automatic counting function to facilitate the operator to manage the production quantity.

4. Saw blade protection

The specially designed saw blade spindle set can absorb the blade vibration and prevent the blade from bending, and increase its rigidity. The unique backlash removal mechanism can keep the cutting force stable, greatly extend the life of the blade and improve the processing quality.

5. Touch interface

Using touch-type man-machine interface, it is convenient for the operator to set various tasks and use the machine, NC servo control, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the finished product.

6. Automatic feeding

The automatic feeding system can prepare multiple materials at a time. With the control system, it can fully meet the requirements of one-time setting and mass production.

7. Air purification

In order to install the oil mist collector, it adopts multi-stage and multi-layer filtration, which can collect various oil smoke, mist and dust, and the collection efficiency is as high as 98%.

8. Refueling and maintenance

Centralized lubrication. The lubrication pump and spray pump are controlled by PLC to effectively lubricate the saw blade and spray the sawtooth. The push-type butter pump simplifies the originally complicated buttering process and extends the life of the whole machine.

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